Show Notes:

How the Five Senses impact the sale of your Atlanta home

Does Your House Smell?
It impacts a buyer as an end user as someone who goes through the home so the seller really needs to lock down the front end.
As a realtor…you have to be HONEST. Sometimes the truth hurts and the job isn’t easy.

How does the visual sense impact the sale of your Atlanta home?
• Typically, a home buyer in Atlanta pays particular attention to the visual at the front door when their agent is obtaining the key.
• If you’re putting your house on the market, and it has limited natural light due to a shaded lot, limited windows, etc. a lighter color palette will help your home feel more welcoming and buyers will stay longer.
• Darker colors make a home feel smaller. However, dark rooms can work in basements for home theaters, etc.
What Colors Do Atlanta Home Buyers Want to See?
It’s all about the grays. Don’t make the mistake of going too blue. You want to make sure, especially with hardwood floors that you are getting a complementary color.

How to make your Atlanta Home feel open
• Fill the square footage with pieces of furniture you have, but nothing too bulky. For example, if you have a sectional couch, take a piece out.
• Simply removing the leaf of out of your dining room table can make the area easily accessible for those who are touring your home.
• Less is more. People want to see space, not your furniture. Allow them to be able to visualize their own furniture in that space.

Throw Rugs
• It’s quite simple, if you have a Joanna Gaines style house, rugs can be complementary.
• If you have coffee colored hardwoods, take those rugs up and show off those floors.

Family Photos
Philosophies on personal photos – Take them down or leave them up
• We all have them everywhere in our homes. When a potential buyer comes into your home they aren’t interested in seeing you and your family living there. They want to envision themselves living there.
• Wall galleries can be displayed with nice clean lines, with creative and attractive frames and the pieces accentuate the room and it is okay to leave. If you are unsure, you can always ask you agent.

• Pet odors – Dogs and Cats – You HAVE TO EMPTY THE LITTER BOX!
• SMOKING! This is a BIG one!
• Baby smells
• Trash
• Laundry

Whether it’s the front or back yard – how close you’re going to be set up to those things can be a huge issue.
• Neighborhood children playing
• Dogs barking
• Community pool
• School
• Playground
• Street or highway traffic
• Music

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