Show Notes:

Episode 11
How to Spot an HGTV Project Gone Wrong

Every Atlanta homeowner is guilty of the DIY projects.  While some actually have skills, others use duct tape, and end up biting off more than they can chew.  It’s usually around the second coat of drippy and streaking paint I give up and just walk away. Listen to these guys and they will tell you what to look out for.  They have seen all the do-it-yourself projects gone wrong up close and personal.

DIY homeowner mistakes to look out for in Atlanta

  • Snap in hardwood flooring. Be sure to examine baseboards properly.
  •  Tile joints. Leaving an inch of grout is very noticeable and an eye sore.
  • Exterior windows – caulking will peel and flake
  • Wood rot – filling with caulk may be easier but certainly not code worthy
  •  Homeowners doing electrical work themselves is less expensive, but is it always safe?

Why would a seller want to hire a contractor versus doing the work themselves?

  • All the projects can be completed within a couple of days
  • If the homeowner takes the chance of completing the projects themselves they risk doing it incorrectly, and after the home inspection having to pay a licensed and insured contractor anyway spending more money in the long run.
  • Liability. Most sellers would prefer not to be sued by doing a poor repair.

Helpful Tips for Potential Homebuyers

  • It is always helpful to drive by potential properties that interest you.
  • Set up an auto search with your realtor with custom search parameters.
  • Set up the absolute top dollar amount you are willing to spend with a mortgage loan officer.
  • Research schools in the area you are looking for a house.
  • Look at the disclosures: type of siding (hardie-plank if that is an issue), HOA fees and what the community offers
  • Crime stats

Touch it, smell it, and if it doesn’t look right chances are it wasn’t built right or fixed right! Get yourself a good agent, one that is reliable, trustworthy and cares more about you then the sale.

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